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About Open Guide

Open Guide is a non-profit, open-source platform transforming digital experiences in museums and cities. It provides a straightforward toolkit for creating cultural content, making it more accessible and durable. Open Guide emphasizes the importance of the narrative in art, turning it from mere decoration into a crucial cultural element.

Publicly Funded Open Source

At OpenGuide, we believe in "public money, public code." Hosted on GitHub, our platform stands on the shoulders of giants, tapping into the wisdom of the open-source community to enhance cultural sharing and preservation.

    Content Ownership and Data Freedom

    Your stories, your legacy—OpenGuide ensures that you own your content. We facilitate creation using the markdown file format, a future-proof solution that frees your data from proprietary constraints, ensuring it remains accessible and editable forever.

      Ease of Creation and Community-Driven Development

      Crafting your guide is as simple as it gets. With community input at our core, we continuously refine the creation process, making it more intuitive and powerful with each update.

        Native Experience with Rich Multimedia Integration

        More than just a digital guide, OpenGuide is a multimedia experience. Snappy, responsive, and built with native components, it brings exhibits to life through audio, video, and 3D views—all woven into a seamless narrative.

          Customizable Design for a Unique Experience

          OpenGuide is your canvas for creativity. Our customizable interface allows your guide to reflect the unique character of your cultural offerings. Users will enjoy an "app within an app" experience, while OpenGuide takes care of the technical heavy lifting.

            Many Features you get out of the box!

            Free and Open

            Always free for personal use, with the potential for professional tiered services in the future.

            QR-Code Integration

            Quick and easy access to information with simple QR code scanning.

            Multilingual Support

            Catering to a global audience with multiple language options.

            Inclusive Design

            Accessibility features including easy language options and audio descriptions for the visually impaired.

            Map Navigation

            Effortless in-app navigation to guide users through both indoor and outdoor physical spaces.

            Collaborative Content Creation

            Leveraging GitHub for transparent, collective enhancement of guides.

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            Empowering Cultural Institutions and Urban Areas to Digitally Engage Audiences with Rich, Interactive Content

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            Be the change you want to see

            . For Cultural Institutions

            OpenGuide provides a dynamic platform for museums, galleries, and historical sites to digitize and share their collections with a wider audience. It's an innovative tool that enhances visitor engagement through interactive guides and educational resources.

            . For Urban Areas

            Cities can utilize OpenGuide to showcase their unique heritage, landmarks, and local culture, offering residents and tourists alike a new way to discover urban stories and hidden gems. It serves as a digital ambassador, inviting exploration and fostering community pride.

            . For Indviduals

            Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a curious local, OpenGuide turns every outing into an adventure. It's the perfect companion for those eager to uncover the rich tapestry of stories and sights that cultural spaces have to offer.